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We all face conflict. It can cause stress, cost time and money, and challenge relationships, teams, and communities. Our services can help you de-escalate verbal conflict, practice collaborative problem solving, and communicate effectively.

Conflict Resolution & Training Programs


Please note that as of July 28, 2024, we will no longer offer our Workplace Services, Custom Training or Professional Training. 

At The Neighbourhood Group Community Services, our mission has always been to help the most vulnerable people in our community. From the start, the Conflict Resolution & Training program offered free Community Mediation to people in our neighbourhoods. This was supported by revenue from our social enterprise: our Workplace Services, Custom Training and Professional Training.​

As our Community Mediation service expanded across Toronto, the need to resolve conflict was never more evident. Today, we are recognized by the City of Toronto as the go-to service for community mediation. Combining this with the realities of non-profit funding in the 21st century, we have decided to focus our efforts solely on our Community Mediation service.

If you need help with mediation services or training for your organization, please see a list of some of our trainers and mediators on our Workplace & Organizational Services page who will be happy to assist you. 

To all our valued customers, we greatly thank you for your support. It was our pleasure to be of service!