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Our FREE Employment Services help you prepare for and find work. Whether you’re out of school and looking for a job, new to Canada and want your first Canadian work experience, looking to change your career, or trying to get back into the workforce, our FREE training programs, work placements, workshops, online job board, and resource centres are the right choice for you.

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We also offer one-to-one help with your job search. This personalized support is tailored to your specific needs and helps you come up with a strategy to achieve your goals. 

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If you’re looking for hardworking, reliable and friendly youth, graduates of our business training programs and other skilled job staff, our FREE Employer Services will find the perfect candidates for you!

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Employment Services

Employment Service Locations

Employment Centre Locations

  • Employment & Training Centre: Bathurst

    Bathurst and St. Clair
  • Employment & Training Centre: Danforth

    Danforth and Victoria Park

Employment FAQs

  • How much money does it cost?

    Our services are FREE!

  • How does one-to-one job search assistance help?
    When you sign up for our free one-to-one job search assistance, one of our experienced staff will help you every step of the way. This personalized support is tailored to your specific needs and helps you come up with a strategy to achieve your goals. Whether it's improving your resume or interview skills, connecting you with training programs or other community supports, identifying a new career, or getting access to exclusive job opportunities, our one-to-one support helps you get what you need. 

  • What services do you have for young people?

    There are lots! We’ve got programs to help you prepare for and find work like Opportunity Knocks, Youth Job Connection, and Youth Works. If you’re a student, try our Youth Job Connection – Student Program! We’ve got workshops, job fairs and even our own online job board! Our Resource Centres provide access to computers, printers and our employment library. And our team members are ready to help you with personal one-to-one service.

  • What services do you have for newcomers?

    If you’re new to Canada, we have several programs that help you adapt to work life in Canada. Connections is 18 weeks long and gives you training and a work placement for your first Canadian work experience. The six week long New Knowledge, New Steps program focuses on helping people adapt to Canadian job seeking skills and workplace culture, and offers workshops and weekly one-to-one sessions. We also have our online job board and resource centres.

  • Do you have employment services for refugees?

    Yes! We have several Employment Ontario programs that can help, including one-to-one job search support, Youth Job Connection and Better Jobs Ontario.                      

  • Do you have services to help people with disabilities?

    Yes! Three of our programs are specifically created to help people with disabilities. Our Enhanced Services program helps people with disabilities find work. Moving Forward is designed to help people with stress, anxiety or depression achieve their work or education goals. Carry On provides Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for people with mental health challenges and substance use issues.


  • Can I sign up for a mailing list so I know what's new that could help me find a job?
    You bet! When you sign up for our mailing list, you'll get information about our latest programs, newsletter, events and much more!
  • Can you help me become apprentice?
    You bet! As an apprentice, you’ll get paid and learn on the job. It’s a great way to start a new career!

    And for employers, new programs from the Province can help reduce wages. But more than that, you get staff who are eager to learn and take on new tasks. It’s a win-win situation!

    Contact us to find out more! 
  • What services do you have for employers?

    Our Employer Services team is dedicated to finding qualified people to fill your vacant positions. It starts by working with you to find your exact needs and then pre-screening candidates. We also offer incentives for training new staff, co-op work placements and ongoing help for new hires. You can also use our FREE services for hiring fairs and additional marketing and hiring support. 


  • What do your Job Developers do?
    Our Job Developers connect you with employers to help you find the perfect fit. Whether we contact long-standing employers or a new one that is ideal for you, our Job Developers are dedicated to helping you find a job that suits your talents, skills and goals.
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