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mediators like Shawn Conroy help people resolve disputesThrough mediation, Lawrence gained an understanding of the harm caused by his actions

When the police came to Lawrence’s door for the third time, his worry was about the humiliation he would face after being arrested and charged. His thoughts didn’t stray to the harm he had done to Marcy or her family. That changed after the Crown Attorney referred the case to our Community Mediation team.

Since 2012, the Crown Attorney offices across Toronto have saved time and resources by diverting cases through our mediation service. But it’s a win for more than the legal system: Crown Attorneys understand that people gain more effective, and long-lasting solutions than the court can provide.

Through mediation, participants gain a free, confidential, and mutually-agreed upon resolution that avoids the court. Thanks to mediators like Shawn Conway (pictured here), people also improve their understanding of the effect their actions may have on others. For Lawrence, this resonated deeply.

“Because of mediation, I’ve increased my awareness of how I need to be sensitive to other people’s feelings, and how my actions could affect, or even harm, other people. I’m committed to respecting people’s personal boundaries.

"When determining how to act in the future, I’ll ask myself how my behavior could be perceived by someone who I don’t know. This will help me avoid causing discomfort or fear of any kind.”