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Thank you to our dedicated volunteer Board of Directors! Their compassion and commitment help us provide the best care and support for people we serve. The Board defines organizational goals, establishes the strategic plan and sets governance policies. They meet six times per year and members of The Neighbourhood Group Community Services can run for election to the Board.
  • Image of Sonia Yung

    Sonia Yung

  • Image of Jennifer Hartviksen

    Jennifer Hartviksen

    Vice Chair
  • Image of Vinny Bhathal

    Vinny Bhathal

  • Image of Shannon McCauley

    Shannon McCauley

  • Image of Philip Fernandez

    Philip Fernandez

  • Image of Robert Gore

    Robert Gore

  • Image of Josh Kleiman

    Josh Kleiman

  • Image of Craig Knowles

    Craig Knowles

  • Image of Jennifer Rae

    Jennifer Rae

  • Image of Marguerite Rea

    Marguerite Rea

  • Image of Rebecca Stulberg

    Rebecca Stulberg

  • Image of Sapna Thakker

    Sapna Thakker

  • Image of Samira Viswanathan

    Samira Viswanathan

Board Meetings

The Neighborhood Group Board Meetings are held 8 times throughout the year and are open for everyone to attend. However, there may be some in camera parts of the meeting. If you're interested in joining an upcoming meeting or getting a copy of the meeting minutes, just give Amanda Bland, the Executive Assistant, a call at 416.925.2103 x1255 or drop her an email at She'll be happy to help!