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In Toronto, more people are closer to poverty than they are to riches. This is a truth we recognize. As we embarked on the development of our Strategic Plan 2023-2028, we recognized The Neighbourhood Group Community Services needed to identify and call out poverty as the root cause of all our challenges and the focus of our efforts. 

As a result, this Strategic Plan places our new Anti-Poverty Framework front and center. This is a proud declaration of who we are, what we are doing, and why it matters. If we do not call out what is really leading so many people to our doors, then we feed into and perpetuate the stigma and dehumanization that marks so much of the lived experience in our communities.

We see the need in this city increasing every day, and it cannot be alleviated in any meaningful way through incremental change. We must revolutionize our structure, approach and ambitions to maximize impact. 

This Strategic Plan, which we have named “Rising Up”, is an ambitious vision for how we can contribute to the urgent effort to end poverty in Toronto. Our hard work has led us here: it is time to be bold.

Read Rising Up: our 2023-2028 Strategic Plan.