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Our Game Changers program can help if you are having trouble in school because of conflict. Our peer workers know first-hand the difficulties you are having, and are there to help you deal with it.


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High schools across Toronto
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13 - 18

Enhanced Game Changers
Our Enhanced Game Changers program goes beyond school hours and the schools themselves to help you before, during and after conflict occurs. 

The program helps you by:
  • Improving your social skills
  • Showing you how to access community supports 
  • Preparing you for release from custody or for bail within the first ten weeks
  • Working with you and your family to understand the judicial system
  • Communicating with the school and other organziations

You can also join Game Changers as one of our Peer Youth. You'll help:
  • Reduce suspensions, expulsions and violence in your school
  • Promote a safer school environment
  • Receive school volunteer hours
  • Strengthen your leadership skills