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Woman speaking into microphoneYo-Sun found joy again with others in our seniors’ programs

"When my husband passed away, it was like my whole life stopped.

“Friends suggested the Korean senior’s group held every Monday at the 91 Bellevue Avenue gym. I was shy at the beginning, but then I started trying new activities like karaoke. And it is so fun. No matter what your skill is, when you enjoy it makes you and everybody around you happier.

“I love the laughter exercise, and especially dancing to the songs like Kita Boogie that were popular when we were young.

“Today, I love to talk to people, especially those who look lonely and shy. I help them open up, find friends and activities to enjoy. I love watching how their faces light up when they relax, start chatting and enjoying themselves.

“The program is such a great way for many lonely Korean seniors who speak very little English and cannot participate in other community programs. I love everything about it and wouldn’t change a thing. I truly belong here.”