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smiling woman in Newcomer CentreWenjing loves her life in Canada especially at our Newcomer Centre

When Wenjing immigrated from China with her family, the language barrier caused immediate issues. “Applying for health cards or taking the TTC was a problem. My six-year-old son got sick soon after landing and we didn’t know where to find a clinic.” Things changed for the better when Wenjing started taking English classes at our North York Newcomer Centre.

“I was very impressed on the first day of school. Staff were very welcoming and enthusiastic. They helped me a lot, like calling Toronto Public Health to report my son’s vaccinations.

“In class, I felt like I was part of a big family. The teacher was very dedicated and patient. We learned about Canadian culture and took trips, like to the Gibson House Museum. And we had lots of fun too, with pot-lucks and holiday celebrations. The first time we went to a restaurant in Canada, I ordered my own food. It was delicious!

“Seeing my improvement in English, my husband decided to start the LINC class. When I accompanied him for the language assessment, I remembered I couldn’t understand what they were asking when I did mine. Now I interpreted for my husband. I couldn’t believe I made such progress in just three months.

“We can’t go to school these days due to COVID-19 but we have online English class every day and weekly online chats. I have new friends from school from different countries. Canada is my home now. I love Canada! I love my school!”