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smiling woman sitting outsideWendy improved her physical and mental health through Stroke Survivors 

Suffering a stroke causes major trauma, and physical rehabilitation is only part of the solution. Helping people emotionally is just as important. And our Stroke Survivors Club does just that. Instead of focusing on what people can’t do, the Club offers activities that improve physical and mental health while fostering a sense of community. Wendy knows this first-hand:

“I was experiencing balance and mobility issues. A social worker at Bridgepoint Health suggested the Together in Movement and Exercise (TIME) program at The Neighbourhood Group. Most of the other people in TIME were also part of the Stroke Survivors Club. One day, they suggested I stay for lunch and the afternoon activities. Everyone was so friendly and caring, I asked to join.

"At first, I was only going one day a week. Pretty soon it was two days. Now I’m looking at a third. I really enjoy the trivia quizzes. We have great conversations, and lots of laughs!

"I realized that before I joined, I was bored at home and lonely too. I’ve made some great friends, some I connect with outside the Club. I have so much fun at Stroke Survivors. I’d recommend it to anyone!”