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two women in virtual meetingSpinal Cord Injury Ontario used our Conflict Resolution & Training mediation model to establish their own internal mediation team

When Sharol was researching organizations to help Spinal Cord Injury Ontario develop its own internal mediation team, she knew there was only one solution: Conflict Resolution & Training (CRT).

“What really spoke to us was the transformative model, that the participants come up with their own agreements and mediators facilitate this process. CRT staff were so supportive and encouraging that we opted not only for training but for consulting, material development and system set-up as well.

"Their support has been exceptional. CRT trainers provided a supportive environment which boosted learning, nurturing our growth and confidence. Our staff that participated said this was by far been the best training they’ve received. Even with COVID-19 restrictions, CRT has been very accommodating. Training was effectively adapted to Zoom conferences and CRT trainers mentored our team as we started to accept our own cases.

"As a result of our positive experience, we will definitely sub-contract CRT to provide mediation and/or coaching services when there is a conflict of interest or situations where the increase in demand is greater than our in-house capacity.

"We are so appreciative of all the support from CRT and feel confident with the set-up and preparation of our services. We feel like an extension of the CRT community and look forward to our ongoing relationship.”