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woman smilingShahin adapted to life in Canada through the services at our Newcomer Centre

“When I first arrived in Canada, I was depressed spending my time every day just staying at home alone. Back in Iran, I was very busy with work, taking care of my family and being with friends. But here, I lost all of it. I almost went back to Iran after one month.”

Shahin’s story is similar to many newcomers. The struggle to adapt and isolation can be overwhelming. But staff at our Newcomer Centre change that. Whether its virtual English classes or events, referrals or help with employment or healthcare, the assistance helps people with the difficult transition to life in Canada.

“I went to the Newcomer Centre as soon as I saw the LINC English class sign. The staff spoke to me in Farsi, helped me register for the classes and gave me good information about living here. I felt at peace for the first time in Canada. The classes are like school and very friendly too. At the Centre, I also join workshops, the Newcomers CafĂ© and Farsi chat programs. I volunteer at events, and invite other people I know to come.

“Today, my English keeps improving. Recently I felt confident enough to call my son-in-law and speak to him in English. He was so surprised! I am very happy I can do things like go to my doctor or do my shopping independently. Coming to the Newcomer Centre gave me a chance to learn and make friends. It helped me stay in Canada.”