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Alexandria’s son Peter spoke his first words at our Bellevue Child Care Centre

For most parents, high quality child care is essential to ensure a safe and nurturing way to care for their children while at work or school. For Alexandra, it is how her son Peter found his voice.

Three years old when he first came to our 91 Bellevue Child Care Centre, Peter experienced delayed development and Alexandra was worried. “He said nothing before coming here. I even tried a speech therapist. But within four months here, he said his first word. And after nine months, he said his first sentence.”

There were other challenges that Peter faced. “He was very aggressive and had trouble caring for himself. The child care staff arranged for an occupational therapist to come in and work with us. Peter is so much calmer these days. He can feed and dress himself. The difference in him is amazing.”

Now five, Peter goes to our King Edward Child Care Centre, while his younger brother Daniel goes to 91 Bellevue. “The child care here is perfect. I couldn’t be happier.”