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smiling woman standing in front of two paintingsKimberly’s path to improve her life started with the Toronto Community Action Team

“My journey with The Neighbourhood Group began at a very low point in my life. I was struggling with heavy substance use and finding myself in unsafe situations where I was fearful for my life. Due to the negative connections and acquaintances I made while using substances, I decided to leave my home to live in a tent. I felt safer there than I did at my own apartment. It was then I heard about The Neighbourhood Group.

“I started out as a client, getting case management support through the Toronto Community Action Team (TCAT). That helped me understand more about my behaviour and I learned better ways to deal with things. I was still living in a tent then but I was driven and determined to achieve my goals. Soon after, I began training for the peer support program. After completing the program, I applied for a drop-in support position and got hired! And with the help from staff, I also found a safe apartment for myself.

“The support from everyone at The Neighbourhood Group has helped me to this day as I continue to achieve my self-identified goals and grow past the problems I had.”