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elderly woman in medical maskSeniors like Jennette rely on special services like the Food Hamper program

“The Neighbourhood Group is the best for helping seniors and for me because I can’t pay much for services. Staff have done so much for me. They helped me with taxes and getting Meals on Wheels. They found someone to do my cleaning and got my machine for breathing for free. When my husband was sick, my support worker stayed with him so I could go to the grocery store. She found a walker and a hospital bed for him.

“The pandemic is hard for seniors. But staff are very friendly. When they come in with a smile, it makes me happy because somebody remembers me. This is important for seniors. This may sound like a little thing, but it is a big thing for us. And during the pandemic, they’ve been giving wonderful food hampers every week.”

The Food Hamper program improves food security among vulnerable seniors, and accommodates special dietary or religious needs. The program also distributes hygiene hampers, and special hampers during holidays. The benefit of each $40 hamper goes beyond the food within: Letters from community members are tucked inside to help reduce recipients’ isolation during COVID-19.

“I like the hamper because I have the yogurt, cheese and bread for my breakfast. Every time I eat, I remember everything the staff have done for me, and think 'Thank you God for sending me these angels.’”