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teen and father looking at mapLike his father, Jeff improved his English at our Newcomer Centre

Like any teen, Jeff improves his English in high school. What makes him different is that his father Alex spends his days improving his English too.

Immigrating with his family from Taiwan, Alex was scared to go out in the city because of his inability to speak English. “I couldn’t do anything outside the house by myself…even ordering at a restaurant. My wife suggested the Newcomer Centre in North York because they offered the best language training around. And she was right.”

The Centre provides free Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) classes for intermediate and advanced learners, settlement counselling, free child minding and employment support. In January 2014, the Centre started offering youth services as well. And that’s where Jeff comes in.

"My dad encouraged me to try the Youth Leadership program at the Centre. Like him, I was nervous about speaking to other people because of my English. But after getting there and working with other people, things got better. I’m comfortable talking to strangers and speaking in front of my school class. I even get my school volunteer hours at the same time. The Newcomer Centre is awesome. Everyone should join!”

Alex feels exactly the same. “My confidence is so high because my English is better. I can help my family with anything. The next step is a full-time job!”