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elderly woman sitting in gardenJean gained safety and security at the Jean Dudley House seniors’ residence

“I was very lonely living on my own. I often thought about moving but wasn’t sure how to go about it or when was the right time. When I broke my hip and was recovering at Michael Garron Hospital, I shared my worries with the staff about living alone. The coordinator referred me to The Neighbourhood Group. They spoke to my daughter and I about Jean Dudley House.”

With ten bedrooms and shared living space, Jean Dudley House is well suited for seniors who are unable to fully manage living independently. Staff are available around the clock at the accessible site and provide personal care and nutritious home-cooked meals. And with a wide array of stimulating recreational activities, residents maintain their physical and mental health while being part of the community.

“I had a very good feeling when I came for a tour. I remember sitting in the backyard, waiting to be picked up by Wheel Trans, when I had a peaceful feeling come over me. It felt right. After moving in, I had all the support I needed. My daughter was happy to know that staff would be there looking after me.

"I’ve gotten to know the other people here. I feel better because I’m safe and secure at Jean Dudley House. Staff help me with my meals, laundry, cleaning and personal care. They’re always around if something happens. It’s a great comfort to me.”