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woman sitting in parkThe Easy Access Voicemail Project offers low cost voicemail to people in need

Voicemail. It’s a service that many of us take for granted. But think what life’s like for people who can’t afford it: Employers couldn’t leave messages about job interviews. Doctors couldn’t tell you about appointments or answer questions about prescriptions. And during emergencies, you might not receive life-saving updates for yourself or your loved ones. The Neighbourhood Group found a solution to the problem: Easy Access Voicemail.

Since 1994, we’ve offered personal voicemail for over 700 vulnerable people each year to help them stay connected.

“Voicemail is invaluable to me. Before, it was difficult to receive important telephone messages. Now, I can make and follow up on appointments, register for programs, find employment and keep in touch with employers and friends.” – Patrick

“I was in an abusive relationship. When my partner left, he cut me off his phone plan and left me incommunicado. I remembered the red and gold flyer about voicemail and signed up. Now I use it when I send out resumes, and give it out when I network. It’s helped me immeasurably!” – Fernanda