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woman standing at front doorHelena maintains her independence and a healthy diet thanks to Meals on Wheels

“I live close to a major intersection but when it comes time to go grocery shopping, the physical distance feels as wide as Lake Ontario due to my impaired mobility and vision.”

For people who are ill or disabled, and seniors like Helena, Meals on Wheels is essential. The service allows people to maintain their independence and live in their own homes. Delivered six days a week, meals accommodate people’s special diets, including those with diabetes, compromised kidneys and heart disease.

Contact with volunteers is the only social interaction some people have during the day. At each visit, volunteers spend a few minutes to ensure that everyone is well, and inform staff if additional help is needed. 

During COVID-19, the service was even more vital for Helena. “This is the first time since I began receiving Meals on Wheels nearly a decade ago, that I truly feel helpless from the isolation. Meals on Wheels provides not only meals. It provides hope.”

During the pandemic, the Food Bank has remained open to ensure access to nutritious food, a basic human right.