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smiling woman in parkThe Teesdale Food Bank helps people eat a balanced diet

In Ontario, 64% of all people on social assistance experience food insecurity. The number is assuredly greater in Toronto. With the cost of nutritious food on the rise, food banks like the one at Teesdale have become essential to help people living in poverty maintain balanced diets.

Operated in partnership with the Daily Bread Food Bank, the Teesdale Food Bank is located in a priority neighbourhood and provides healthy food from all food groups to seniors, people with mental health issues, newcomers, refugees and people who are unemployed.

Harriet lived alone for 38 years and was grateful to find the Food Bank located right across the street from her apartment. “Walking to the grocery store is really challenging and the prices are so expensive on my limited budget. The staff and volunteers at Teesdale treat me with respect and I get everything I need…milk, eggs, bread, vegetables and other Halal food. The Food Bank meets the needs of the diverse group of people in this community.”

Catherine came from Cameroon with her four young children. With no family here and Catherine working on her Bachelor of Education degree, life was a struggle. “As a single mother, I rely on the Food Bank to get enough healthy food for my family. I look forward to when I’ll have a job and can give back. But today, I just want to thank the donors for their big hearts.”

During the pandemic, the Food Bank remained open to ensure access to nutritious food, a basic human right.