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elderly woman holding a dogBy supporting essential pet care, Tango's Pet Health and Emergency Fund improves isolated seniors’ mental and physical health

For people living near the poverty line, the choice between food, medicine and pet care can be difficult. For lonely seniors without family, the choice is agonizing. Thanks to our Board of Directors Co-Chair, Sonia Yung, they don’t need to choose.

Tango's Pet Health and Emergency Fund helps isolated seniors in our supportive housing care for their beloved dogs, cats and other pets by paying for veterinary exams, medication, vaccinations, pet licences, and end-of-life care. Donna truly appreciates the support that saved her dog’s life.

“Last summer, I noticed one of my dogs, Freckels, had a cough. The vet said she had an oversized heart which was causing problems with some of her other organs. I’m retired and on a fixed income so I was worried about the cost of treatment. Freckels and my other dog, Yogi, are my family. I love them to pieces and would do anything for them. Thanks to the Pet Fund, I could pay for the medication and tests which helps my beautiful girl live a normal life.

“Freckels is so happy on her daily walks and playing with Yogi. The kindness and thoughtfulness of the Pet Fund donor, Sonia Yung, made me rethink my will to include a donation for the Pet Fund. My pets and I are ever so thankful for what you have done and are doing!”