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elderly man in classroomDe Shan improved his English after immigrating as a senior

When De Shan and his wife immigrated to Canada, he didn’t understand one word of English. “When people talked to me, I had no reaction because I didn’t know what they’re talking about."

“But everywhere I go, the TTC, shopping, medical appointments, I realized we need the language to join our new community.”

But it wasn’t without reservations. “In China, I tried to study English but quit. My classmates were young – I could be their grandfather. They laughed when I was reading.”

It’s different at The Neighbourhood Group. Participants in the LINC English class are De Shan’s peers, not only in ability and age, but also in background and circumstances. With the help of his wife, the teacher and the other students, De Shan’s confidence continues to improve as does his English. “I feel much better now. I can have a simple conversation with others and especially my wife. I’m so happy now because we found a new meaningful life in Canada.”