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people attending a conflict resolution workshop

Please note that as of July 28, 2024, we will no longer offer our Professional Training, Workplace Services or Custom Training. 

At The Neighbourhood Group Community Services, our mission has always been to help the most vulnerable people in our community. From the start, the Conflict Resolution & Training program offered free Community Mediation to people in our neighbourhoods. This was supported by revenue from our social enterprise: our Workplace Services, Custom Training and Professional Training.​

As our Community Mediation service expanded across Toronto, the need to resolve conflict was never more evident. Today, we are recognized by the City of Toronto as the go-to service for community mediation. Combining this with the realities of non-profit funding in the 21st century, we have decided to focus our efforts solely on our Community Mediation service.

For the past 30 years, our Professional Training and Workplace Services have helped people and organizations resolve conflict and improve communication. While we will no longer be offering these services, we are pleased that we have been able to help so many people in our time.

Some of our mediators, trainers and partner organizations are happy to help you – please see their contact information below. 

To all our valued customers, we greatly thank you for your support. It was our pleasure to be of service!

Please contact our Trainers and Mediators or partner organizations for help with Workplace and Organizational Services.

Claudia Aronowitz, MSc, PCC, CPCC 

Kaydeen Bankasingh 

Marcia Berkeley 

Community Justice Alternatives of Durham Region

Community Justice Initiatives of Waterloo Region 

Shawn Conway

Rekha Lakra

Peter Mersereau

Rola Mustafa

Suzanne Sherkin, B.A, Q.Med 

Sonia Thomas

Workshop Price # of Days

Quick Intervention Skills for De-escalating Conflict virtual

Dates:  July 19, 2024

When conflict cannot be resolved quickly, the immediate goal is to quickly reduce the tension between the parties involved. This one-day workshop provides you with communication-based techniques to help keep people calm and create the building blocks for future resolutions.


  • Understanding the nature and dynamics of anger and conflict escalation
  • Interest-based and other approaches to conflict resolution
  • Active listening skills to de-escalate people in conflict and to identify their underlying interests
  • Strategies to build understanding between disputants and to engage in problem-solving
  • Our Quick Intervention Model – a technique to resolve conflicts on the spot using mediation principles and skills


$300 1 day
Price Discounts

Save 20% on each workshop when you register at least two weeks in advance. 

We provide group discounts as well as a sliding price scale when cost is an issue. Please contact us for more information.